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Sweet Scarecrow

Make adorable crow and scarecrow garden stakes!
More »
Pumpkin Stakes

Fuse some perfect pumpkins for your garden!
More »
Slurry Slumped Bowl

Make your own slurry designs!
More »
Fluted Heart Frame

Build a sweet picture frame for the things you love!
More »
Cherub Platter

Make a charming cherub platter!
More »
Marvelous Mushrooms

Add these fun, beautiful mushrooms to your garden stake collection!
More »
Tree Frog

Make a colorful tree frog!
More »

Make a graceful gecko for your garden.
More »
Flamingo Stakes

Make a silly stake for your garden!
More »
Wafer Thin Firing

Make delicate glass pieces using Colour de Verre molds!
More »
Sunflower Bird Dish

Create a slumped sunflower bird feeder!
More »
Footed Compote

Create an elegant vintage texture footed compote!
More »
Footed Slump Molds

Learn to use sheet glass on these footed wave slump molds!
More »

Create beautiful stringer hearts!
More »
Footed Wave Slurry

Have fun with slurry on a footed mold!
More »
Paw Pendant

Make an adorable paw pendant with dichroic shimmer!
More »
Deer Icicle

Make a dear little deer for your tree.
More »
Stand-Up Deer

Create your own little stand-up reindeer!
More »
Stand-Up Unicorn

Craft a delicate unicorn that stands on its own!
More »
Feather Pendant

Make a pretty feather pendant.
More »
Magnolia Leaf

Create a delicate and detailed glass leaf!
More »
Garden Dish

Class up your kitchen with an elegant footed garden dish!
More »
Slab Server

Make an elegant serving tray for your home!
More »
Fishy Soap Dish

Store your fancy soaps in a sweet fish dish!
More »
Sweet Slumped Bowl

Learn how to make a beautiful bowl using the Shelf Ring mold!
More »
Celestial Clock

Learn to make a working clock covered in stars, moons and suns!
More »
Tree and Stocking

Make sweet, sparkly ornaments for your tree!
More »
Channel Pendants

Learn to make thick channel pendants with creative colors!
More »
Frost Fairy Ornament

Make an elegant frost fairy icicle!
More »
3-Dimensional Tray

Make intriguing multi-dimensional glass trays with this tutorial!
More »
Small Cast Mushrooms

Create funky, small frit cast mushrooms with this simple tutorial!
More »
Snowman Ornament!

Cheer up dreary winter days with a fun snowman icicle ornament on display!
More »
Angel Ornament!

Create an elegant winter decoration with this simple tutorial!
More »
Feather Tutorial!

Learn how to create elegant glass feathers!
More »
Oval Koi Fish Bowl
Get the tutorial!
Create an elegant display piece or serving dish with this step-by-step guide.
More »
Glass Succulents!
DIY molds & shadowbox display
Create an intriguing piece of wall art by following this full tutorial from Creative Paradise, Inc.!
More »
'Holographic' Lamps

Create stunning & unique lamps in glass!
More »
Capture the sun!
Sun Bowl Tutorial
Create a gorgeous celestial dish with this tutorial from Creative Paradise
More »
Aloha, gorgeous!
Tropical Blue Hibiscus Tray

More »
Wonderful large 5.5 inch Snowflakes
Create large wintry snow flakes in one firing.
More »
Log Slice Ornaments!
Create custom log ornaments with this fun tutorial

More »
Art Glass Fountain
Turn your glass art into a water feature!

More »
Glass Tattoos!
Glass Tattoo Stencil Kits will rock your world!
Create beautiful, crisp raised designs on your glass art with Glass Tatoo Stencil Kits and frit!
More »
Mermaids ahoy!
Make a splash with a custom mermaid bowl!
Create a stunning mermaid bowl with this simple tutorial from Creative Paradise.
More »
Serve it up...
in autumnal style!
Create a serving tray decked out in Fall foliage using this simple tutorial.
More »
It's Hammer Time!

Grab a hammer and take a whack at this fun tutorial from Creative Paradise!
More »
Slurry Bell Mushroom
Get the tutorial!
Create slumped mushroom caps with beautiful slurried patterns.
More »
So realistic!
Fungus has never been so fun!
Create realistic Mushrooms with this frit casting tutorial.
More »
Glass Cross Tutorial

Create gorgeous customized crosses complete with hanging hardware using this simple tutorial!
More »
Retro Mushrooms!
Try this warped grid pattern
Add some funky texture and pattern to your pieces with this fun tutorial!
More »
Mushroom Slurry!

Use this fun technique to make cap drape molds into fun mushroom art!
More »
Bottle Art!
We've got the mold for you!
Give those used bottles a brand new life!
More »
Art in Bloom!
Create a lifelike Zinnia!
Follow along with this tutorial from Creative Paradise to create a larger than life Zinnia!
More »
Art in Bloom!
Create a lifelike Hibiscus!
Follow along with this tutorial from Creative Paradise to create larger than life Hibiscus flowers!
More »
Seashore Tray

This fun Seashore Tray tutorial combines some of your favorite Summer molds!
More »
Create unique masks in glass!
One mold, so many design options! Get the tutorial here.
More »
Reactive Murrini!

Create your own Murrini Bars using reactive glass!
More »
Vintage Ornaments
The 2016 Design!
A modern take on a classic design.
More »
New Deep-Groove Mold
Get the stained glass look with this new tutorial!

More »
Birthstone Bracelets

Create custom birthstone bracelets with this simple frit casting tutorial.
More »
Decorate the Tree
with Holiday Stars
Give as gifts or personalize your holiday style!
More »
Spiral Tray

Serve up food in style with this fun appetizer tray & coordinating dip bowl mold.
More »
Snowflakes 2016
Add this instant classic to your collection!
Larger, more intricate design!
More »
Flower Power!

Make your drop-mold flowers even more unique with this Lilac tutorial.
More »
Beautiful Butterfly

Create a vibrant & detailed butterfly in glass!
More »
Gryphon C-40 Tall
Cut large bottles in a single pass with GRY MCT
The C-40 Tall is just like the regular C-40 except that it utilizes a 42” blade instead of the 37”.
More »
S-Curve Slump

Add some drama to your work with ease!
More »
Bug Out!

Bring your molds to life with this step by step tutorial.
More »
Capture some Koi !

Combine two molds to create a zen Koi Pond!
More »
Petal Attachments
Add a layer of dimension to your flowers!
Combine petal attachment molds with your Ruffled Flower Drop-Mold to create more realistic art!
More »
Put a Ring on It!

Get dinner conversation flowing! Adorn your table with these simple yet high-impact napkin rings.
More »
Frit Slurrys!
Add this technique to your bag of tricks!
Get messy with this fun technique that mimics the look of tie-dye.
More »
Monstera Leaf Mold

Create an elegant bowl or artistic piece from this highly detailed, yet simple to use mold!
More »
Demitasse Spoons!

Create the perfect pairing for your favorite mug or teacup with this Demitasse spoon tutorial!
More »
Dish It Up In Style!

These spoons make great gifts! Create unique glass serving spoons with this casting tutorial.
More »
Fused Glass Fossils

Create a natural looking conglomerate stone bowl complete with fossils!
More »
Lady of the Woods

Learn how to cast this beautiful Lady of the Woods mold!
More »
Lidded Boxes
Create in your kiln with scrap!
See the Box Basic project sheet for fill weights, photos, & techniques. Several designs available.
More »
Shell Dish Mold
This elaborate dish is easy to cast!
Create an elegant place to stow your keys or jewelry with this Seahorse & Shell dish mold.
More »
Scallop Glass Edges
with the Scalloper Glass Edging Tool
Easily & efficiently create a scalloped pattern on glass edges with the Scalloper Glass Edging Tool.
More »
Cutting Glass Strips

Learn how to score and cut glass strips of equal size without measuring.
More »
Cut Glass Shapes
with the Silberschnitt Geo-Master Shape Cutter
Learn how to quickly & efficiently cut glass with the Silberschnitt Geo-Master Shape Cutter and pad.
More »
Make Your Own Spoons

Follow this tutorial to create unique and exciting spoons for your tablescape.
More »
Make a Wall Sconce!
Create a unique wall sconce
Easy to follow instructions for creating beautiful wall sconce lights.
More »
Drill into Glass!
Learn how to easily drill into glass
Ever wonder how to drill into glass? We've got you covered in this easy to follow tutorial!
More »
Make a Pendant Light
Create a unique pendant light
Easy to follow instructions for creating beautiful pendant lights.
More »
Sandblasting Resist
Create a photosensitive resist
D&L Art Glass Supply provides the tools and tutorial to create amazing sandblasting art.
More »
Pansy Mold
Fuse, texture and slump in one firing.
Create a beautiful pansy platter simply with frit and transparent sheet glass.
More »
Mandala Tile Mold
Color a Mandala flower texture tile with frit.
Mandalas, an ancient Indian design, can have very simple or detailed and intricate patterns.
More »
Vintage Ornaments
one-fire design
Ornaments make perfect gifts and so fun with the addition of dichroic flake or firesticks!
More »
Use with Any COE
Dichroic coated copper foil
Video demonstration from Coatings By Sandberg on uses of this innovative Dichroic product.
More »
Glow Pigments
Use for fusing, casting, glassblowing & lampwork
Make your glass art glow! Compatible for ALL COEs.
More »
Snowman Platter
Just 1 firing!
Step by step tutorial to make a whimsical snowman platter
More »
Groutless Mosaic
NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

More »
Powder Wafers
Create detailed designs in glass

More »
Pattern Fuser
Funky Designs in Your Glass Pieces
Each Pattern Fuser mold creates a fun designed piece that stands alone or can be a part sheet
More »
Holey Pendant Fun
Modern Art Style
Make Modern Art Geometric Holey Pendants. Fun and easy.
More »
Spooky Skulls
Use glow pigments for skull molds.
Make your skulls glow by using glow pigments for your projects!
More »
Bamboo Slumping Mold
Just 2 firings!
Step by step tutorial to make a beautiful bamboo dish
More »
New Snowflake Design
for 2014!
Add some dichro flakes or a festive ribbon to make yours really stand out!
More »
Glimmering Icicles
for Holiday Trees and Windows
Create beautiful and realistic icicles, perfect as gifts for friends, family, and colleagues!
More »
Castacab Pendants
One-of-a-Kind Creations!
The castacab molds let you create unique cabochon pendants in the shape of hearts, teardrops...
More »
Scrap Masters

Use leftover scrap to produce dazzling pieces with these three new pot melt molds!
More »
Cabbage Leaf
Perfect for Entertaining
Bring a cabbage leaf to life with frit and use as a platter for Hor d'Ourves!
More »
Bottleneck Cutter
Cut the neck from any bottle up to a 3" diameter

More »
Fountain Tutorial

Use this indoor pump kit & 6 molds to create a tranquil glass water fountain!
More »
BinaSphere mold
Create a kiln-fired footed platter

More »
Satin Shimmers
Easy-To-Apply Mica Sheets
Watch the video to learn how to incorporate these into your fused glass pieces
More »
Votive Molds
Tutorial on using these 2 part molds

More »
Cone Mold
Create realistic and beautiful flowers

More »
Pinwheel Fun
With the Fan Flower Mold and Spin Kit

More »
Champion Torch
A demonstration of Champion Glass Working Torch

More »
Steps to Blowing an Ornament

More »
COE Testing Card
How to use the COE Testing Card

More »
Glass Cameo Jewelry

Create glass pendants reminiscent of vintage cameo jewelry with 3 new molds from Creative Paradise
More »
From Scrap to Art
Step-By-Step Glass Casting
A tutorial with Gerry Newcomb allows glass artists to use scrap glass to create something beautiful
More »
Cameo Fusing Molds
How to make Cameo brooches and necklaces

More »
Steel Triangle Molds
Produce Krazy Kaleidoscopic Designs
Create fused glass imagery with Stainless Steel Triangle molds
More »
Picturesque Peacocks
Now Appear In Your Glass
Using frit and the Peacock texture mold, you can start creating your own beautiful birds today!
More »
Bangle Bracelets

Available in two sizes to fit every wrist, these molds will create beautiful glass bracelets
More »
Dichroic Pendants!

Create exciting dichrioc pendants with this easy to follow tutorial.
More »
Narcissus Quagliata
Meet glass artist Narcissus Quagliata

More »
Bottle Cutting
Recycle Your Old Glass Bottles & More
A helpful video shows how to perfectly cut your old glass bottles and create something new!
More »
Seasonal Frit Mold
Ornamental Snowflakes
Make the season bright with your own snowflake ornaments and embellishments--two styles.
More »
TOYO Cutter
patented Tap-Wheel® Technology

More »
Create a Kiwi Leaf
Step-by-step instructions
How to produce your own beautiful kiwi leaves and plenty of project ideas to inspire!
More »
Make a Leaf
A Guide for Perfect Results
Everything you need to know on how to make the Rainforest Leaf, plus project ideas.
More »
Melting Pot
Create rondells and discs
Great way for glass fusers to do pot melts in a small kiln.
More »
Cut Bottles!
Fast, Easy and Reliable
Cutting bottles has never been easier. Make drinking glasses, candle holders, sun catchers and more.
More »
Kiln Repair
...when those firebricks need work
Everything you need to know to keep your kiln's firebrick in great shape.
More »
Pot Melts are Fun
Great use for scrap glass
2 tutorials available: 1) general Information on using Pot Melts; 2) Cast into a ceramic fusing mold
More »
"Holey" Pendants
No grinding or polishing needed
Step by step tutorial for using any "Holey" Little Fritter jewelry mold. Fun and Easy.
More »
Candle Holders
Three shapes - fun to make
Project sheet available. These tea light candle holders are as fun to make as they are to use.
More »
Texture Tiles
Make decorating easy
Handy tutorial. Decorate textured glass tile with paints or enamels - use the depressions as a guide.
More »
Easy Lampshade
Great for Classes
This video shows you how to make beautiful fused art glass lamp shade.
More »
96 COE Fusing Cane
2 great tutorials
Make a Nightlight and a Sushi Plate using these simple tutorials and 96 coe cane from D&L.
More »
Professional Beads
Core beads with ease and precision
This machine will pay for itself because your beads will be perfectly lined, every time.
More »
Flex your imagination!
Instructions & ideas for using Flexi-Glass -- fusible paper-like glass film you can cut with scissors.
More »
Tea for Two
Fun & Functional Art
Tip Sheet available for using tea service hardware to create a multi-layered server for baked goods.
More »
Wine Bottle Slumping
It's Fun to Recycle and Reuse
Wine bottle slumping tutorial available here. Includes firing schedule.
More »
Geometric Beads Mold
Not just for Necklaces
Tutorial for using bead shapes as fuse-able embellishment for plates, bowls and larger work
More »
Liquid Fusing
NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive

More »
Faux Tack Fusing
Problem Solver Adhesive Sheets
Use No Days ThinFuse to speed up complex fusing projects and minimize firings.
More »
Simple Round Beads
Small Ring Beads
Complete tutorial for creating beads in your kiln with no grinding or polishing needed. Fun, fun!
More »
Tribal Bead Necklace
Fun to Make and to Give
Tutorial for easy-to-make tribal bead necklace using one mold and your kiln. No coldworking needed.
More »
Simple Round Beads
No grinding or polishing needed
Video and Tutorial available here for creating with this mold. Fired beads require no cold working
More »
Fireplace Glass
ROBAX vs. Tempered Glass
Video of ROBAX transparent glass-ceramic, which can take the heat, versus Tempered Glass.
More »
Aralia Leaf Mold
Slump individually or grouped
Video tutorial and tutorial PDF available. This simple mold can be used for a plate, bowl or platter
More »
Drop and Drape!
Create a Fun Footed Dish
Tutorials and pattern to create this fun poppy dish with two clever molds and your kiln.
More »
Poppy Plate Tutorial
A series of manageable steps
Tutorial for creating a Poppy Plate can also be used for fusing other small cast elements to glass
More »
Recycle Project
Tuscan Light Candlesticks
Simple tutorial (sheet) for creating candlesticks with recycled glass bottles.
More »
Create a Plate
Using a Drop Ring
Tutorial for creating a Capped Iridized Glass Striped Plate using FUS GM87
More »
Flame Stitch Slurry
Beautiful technique. Elegant bowl.
Create a deep footed bowl using the fun flame stitch slurry technique.
More »
Bend It Molds
Create Free-standing projects
Tutorial to create a free-standing business card holder. Instructions apply to other projects also.
More »
Aquatic Scene
Reusable Glass Casting Molds
Tutorial sheet with firing instructions, color ideas, and more!
More »
Make Pattern Bars
Round or Square
Tutorial for making pattern bars with dam molds. Create quick & easy fusing elements for your art.
More »
Easy Glass Knobs
Glass Knobs for Every Room!
Tutorial provides instruction for creating knobs without expensive equipment or glass drilling!
More »
Make a Soap Dish
Fun and Easy
Complete tutorial for making a thick and practical soap dish with your kiln and this mold.
More »
A Bright Idea
Make a fabulous pendant light
Make fabulous pendant lights with this handy Project Sheet and any of a variety of available molds.
More »
Grow Your Own
A Garden in Glass
Tutorials for creating glass flower and attaching a copper stem are available.
More »
Morton Glass Shop
Jig Cutting Surface and Accessories
View a video tutorial on the in's and out's on the Morton Portable Glass Shop.
More »
Cutter's Mate
How to Cut Glass Using The Cutter's Mate

More »
Dichro Slide
Cut with sissors or paper punch
Watch a video on using Dichro Slide for dichroic in your next fusing project. Works with any COE.
More »
Gemini Revolution XT
Learn all about it

More »


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