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D&L Art Glass Supply D&L Art Glass Supply
Celebrating Over 40 Years (800) 525-0940
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Celebrating Over 40 Years (800) 525-0940
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Glass Tattoos!

Glass Tattoo Stencil Kits will rock your world!
Create beautiful, crisp raised designs on your glass art with Glass Tatoo Stencil Kits and frit!

Gryphon C-40 Tall

Cut large bottles in a single pass with GRY MCT
The C-40 Tall is just like the regular C-40 except that it utilizes a 42” blade instead of the 37”.

Monstera Leaf Mold

Create an elegant bowl or artistic piece from this highly detailed, yet simple to use mold!

Vase Casting

Follow along to create an elegant glass vase!

Lidded Boxes

Create in your kiln with scrap!
See the Box Basic project sheet for fill weights, photos, & techniques. Several designs available.

Advanced Fusing

with Lisa Vogt
Join Lisa Vogt as she leads two classes in advanced fusing at D&L Art Glass Supply, June 2016.

Scallop Glass Edges

with the Scalloper Glass Edging Tool
Easily & efficiently create a scalloped pattern on glass edges with the Scalloper Glass Edging Tool.

Cutting Glass Strips

Learn how to score and cut glass strips of equal size without measuring.

Cut Glass Shapes

with the Silberschnitt Geo-Master Shape Cutter
Learn how to quickly & efficiently cut glass with the Silberschnitt Geo-Master Shape Cutter and pad.

Layering a Landscape

with Alice Benvie Gebhart
Get into artist/instructor Alice Benvie Gebhart's work before her upcoming class at D&L.

Below and Above

with Martha Pfanschmidt
Learn more about professional artist, Martha Pfanschmidt before her upcoming class at D&L.

Make a Wall Sconce!

Create a unique wall sconce
Easy to follow instructions for creating beautiful wall sconce lights.

Drill into Glass!

Learn how to easily drill into glass
Ever wonder how to drill into glass? We've got you covered in this easy to follow tutorial!

Make a Pendant Light

Create a unique pendant light
Easy to follow instructions for creating beautiful pendant lights.

Use with Any COE

Dichroic coated copper foil
Video demonstration from Coatings By Sandberg on uses of this innovative Dichroic product.

Glow Pigments

Use for fusing, casting, glassblowing & lampwork
Make your glass art glow! Compatible for ALL COEs.


Ornaments, Spheres, and Other Rounds

Groutless Mosaic

NO Days Groutless Mosaic Adhesive

Powder Wafers

Create detailed designs in glass

Pattern Fuser

Funky Designs in Your Glass Pieces
Each Pattern Fuser mold creates a fun designed piece that stands alone or can be a part sheet


Kiln Controller
Video demonstration of some features of the TAP controller available on Evenheat Kilns.

Cabbage Leaf

Perfect for Entertaining
Bring a cabbage leaf to life with frit and use as a platter for Hor d'Ourves!

Bottleneck Cutter

Cut the neck from any bottle up to a 3" diameter

BinaSphere mold

Create a kiln-fired footed platter

Satin Shimmers

Easy-To-Apply Mica Sheets
Watch the video to learn how to incorporate these into your fused glass pieces

Votive Molds

Tutorial on using these 2 part molds

Cone Mold

Create realistic and beautiful flowers

Pinwheel Fun

With the Fan Flower Mold and Spin Kit

Champion Torch

A demonstration of Champion Glass Working Torch


Steps to Blowing an Ornament

COE Testing Card

How to use the COE Testing Card

Glass Cameo Jewelry

Create glass pendants reminiscent of vintage cameo jewelry with 3 new molds from Creative Paradise

Cameo Fusing Molds

How to make Cameo brooches and necklaces

Dichroic Pendants!

Create exciting dichrioc pendants with this easy to follow tutorial.

Narcissus Quagliata

Meet glass artist Narcissus Quagliata

Bottle Cutting

Recycle Your Old Glass Bottles & More
A helpful video shows how to perfectly cut your old glass bottles and create something new!

TOYO Cutter

patented Tap-Wheel® Technology

Melting Pot

Create rondells and discs
Great way for glass fusers to do pot melts in a small kiln.

Cut Bottles!

Fast, Easy and Reliable
Cutting bottles has never been easier. Make drinking glasses, candle holders, sun catchers and more.

Easy Lampshade

Great for Classes
This video shows you how to make beautiful fused art glass lamp shade.

Professional Beads

Core beads with ease and precision
This machine will pay for itself because your beads will be perfectly lined, every time.


Flex your imagination!
Instructions & ideas for using Flexi-Glass -- fusible paper-like glass film you can cut with scissors.

Liquid Fusing

NO Days Liquid Fusing Adhesive

Faux Tack Fusing

Problem Solver Adhesive Sheets
Use No Days ThinFuse to speed up complex fusing projects and minimize firings.

Simple Round Beads

No grinding or polishing needed
Video and Tutorial available here for creating with this mold. Fired beads require no cold working

Fireplace Glass

ROBAX vs. Tempered Glass
Video of ROBAX transparent glass-ceramic, which can take the heat, versus Tempered Glass.

Aralia Leaf Mold

Slump individually or grouped
Video tutorial and tutorial PDF available. This simple mold can be used for a plate, bowl or platter

Cutter's Mate

How to Cut Glass Using The Cutter's Mate

Dichro Slide

Cut with sissors or paper punch
Watch a video on using Dichro Slide for dichroic in your next fusing project. Works with any COE.


Products which are hazardous are indicated by [HZ]. Hazardous materials are restricted from many means of transportation. Hazardous materials require special packaging and carrier handling fees.

Products designated as Other Regulated Materials-D (ORMD) are indicated by a double plus (++). ORMD items are also regulated and may require special packaging or fees.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available upon request. Click the MSDS sheets link at the bottom of any main page to view them online.