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4 x 4 in. Crinklized Solid-Color Dichroic 90 COE

4 x 4 in. Crinklized Solid-Color Dichroic 90 COE
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Additional Information

Crinkle Solid-Color Dichroic 4x4s

One piece of 4x4 in. Crinklized Dichroic glass available in 90 COE or System 96. Colors and textures are random and will be on either black or clear glass. Order several for a nice assortment!

Dichroic Pieces

Dichroic pieces are an inexpensive and fun way to try new designs and styles. Randomness is exciting and can stimulate your creativity. Manufacturer availability of dichroic pieces varies as does our stock. You may request a specific design or pattern in a comment on your order, which we will try to honor, but we cannot guarantee a specific piece will be available or sent. When you order a dichroic piece you are committing to purchase the stock that is sent to you.

If you want a specific style of dichroic glass, you'll need to order a sheet or partial sheet.

CBS Crinklized Texture

You're used to CBS Dichroic fusing to a smooth finish, but CBS Crinklized Dichroic is the exact opposite: It fuses rough with a brilliantly colored coarse texture. Whether fusing with the coating exposed or capped, the dichroic surface crinkles and crystallizes profusely-- sending thousands of miniature crystalline-like mirrors upward, positioned in different directions. Each minute dichroic surface attracts light and sends it out in every direction, while the dichroic crystals remain bonded to the surface of the glass.

This coating is made of extremely thick crystal layers that are the key to the effects you'll achieve from fusing the Crinklized Dichroic. 

Tips for Using CBS's Crinklized Dichroic™

  • Crinklized Dichroic™ is MADE to be left exposed.  The intrinsic nature of this new coating is much more exaggerated when the coating is allowed to push upwards and crinkle, crystallize and curl.
  • Many of the Crinklized sheets appear to have an unusual reflective color prior to hotworking, especially when the coating is viewed from the back side of a clear sheet.  This all fires away to reveal the same brilliant CBS Dichroic colors that everyone expects.
  • Expect similar predictable color shifts when hotworking the new Crinklized Dichroic™ as with CBS original coatings.
  • “Fire it hot”- For maximum effect, fuse the Crinklized Dichroic™ Coating to a peak temperature around 1475 degrees or higher.  (Not applicable to lampworkers and furnace workers) See firing recommendations below.
  • This crinkled and crystallized effect is maximized when we coat a smooth glass surface. Crinklized Dichroic™ coatings can be ordered on specialty glass or textured glass such as Ripple, Fibroid, Reed, and others, but the crinkled and crystallized effect is less dramatic.
  • Crinklized Dichroic™ works best with solid Dichroic colors.  Rainbow sheets produce more linear crinkling than solid color sheets. The Rainbow of crystals line up in the same direction, creating a “grain” to crinklized Dichroic surface.

 All colors are “Premium” in price and use the purest materials available. Coating times are much more lengthy as well.

FIRING RECOMMENDATIONS: Kiln-fire Crinkle a little hotter than normal, or full sheets will occasionally get a big bubble between the kiln shelf and glass. The recommended slowed program is as follows in degrees F:

Black 90 COE
400 per hour off at 1200 hold for 5 minutes
100 per hour off at 1425 for -0- hold

Clear 90 COE
600 per hour off at 1200 hold for 5 minutes
100 per hour off at 1425 for -0- hold

Black 96 COE
400 per hour off at 1200 hold for 5 minutes
100 per hour off at 1375 for -0- hold

Clear 96 COE
600 per hour off at 1200 hold for 5 minutes
100 per hour off at 1375 for -0- hold

For smaller pieces you can "full ramp" if you like, but you must still heat to 1425 for 90 COE and 1375 for 96 COE. Include a 10 minute soak at that peak temperature to help "Crinklize".

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