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Royal Blue / Clear / Pink / Opal

Royal Blue / Clear / Pink / Opal
Item#: KO 4SPLP               
Sale Unit: ~ 32 x 32 in.; 7.11 sq. ft. Sale Price
Price Code: E

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Additional Information

Non-Fusible Glass Sheet

This item is intended for stained glass, mosaics and other cold working applications. It is not intended to be kilnformed/fused.

Kokomo Glass

Kokomo documents sales of its glass to Tiffany’s studios as early as 1891. Recognized as the oldest manufacturer of magnificent color art glass in the United States, the company is dedicated to providing the artisan and craftsman with the finest in glass products available. Many textures and a choice of densities are available in opalescent,  cathedral, streaky and opalume glass.

Ordering Information:
Priced per square foot.
Sheet size: approximately 32" x 32" (81 x 81cm) or 7.11 ft2. Unless otherwise specified.

Kokomo Density

The term “density” refers to the amount of light that any given sheet of glass will transmit. Density is indicated in the stock number suffix. Examples using Kokomo’s 11:

  • 11D — Very dense; diffuses light.
  • 11MD — Medium dense; limited light transmission.
  • 11 — Medium. Kokomo’s most common density. (No density code follows the number.)
  • 11ML — Medium light; considerable light transmission.
  • 11L — Light; wispy, near translucent opal.
  • 11LL — “Streaky.” Indicates that the glass is a combination of two or more cathedral colors with no opal content.

Kokomo Textures

Texture is indicated by these letter codes:

  • A—Seedy; H—Hammered; TR—Tight Ripple;
  • F—Flemish; IR—Iridized; V—Vertigo;
  • G—Granite; R—Ripple; W—Wavolite;
  • GCP—Granite Catspaw; CEL—Celtic; MS—Mississippi
  • KDR—Kokomo Double Roll

Repairs, Restorations, Large Sheets and Special Orders

If you don’t see the Kokomo glass you need in our standard inventory, we will gladly special order for you: large sheet sizes (32"x42" or 32" x 82"); match of older glass; other special orders. Additional fees apply. 82" sheets are drop ship only.


Rondels by Kokomo are hand-made. There will be variation in color, size, thickness, roundness, etc. Rondels are available in the following sizes: 2-3", 4-5" 6-7" 8-9" 10-11", 11"+ (16" maximum) Single-colored flashed rondels are available in all sizes. Single-color spun rondels are available only in 2", 3" and 4" sizes.

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Glass Product: Sheet (2821)
Glass Style: Non-fusible (1320)

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