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Studio Nuggets - 96 COE (50 pound bag)

Studio Nuggets - 96 COE (50 pound bag)
Item#: OGT NUGGETF               
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Additional Information

Studio Nugget

Oceanside Compatible 96 COE / System 96 

Formed for Studio Melting - Formulated for Studio Blowing and Off Hand Glass Blowing. 

  • Borax-free formula is easy on your furnace 
  • Over 99% Yield
  • Paperweight Clear
  • No Dust, No Fumes, Non Toxic
  • Consistently Clean - Few Fines
  • Consistently Stable - No Surprises
  • Every Melt Tested Compatible to strict System 96 standards
  • Impervious to Moisture

For best price, order by the full 2,000 lb. pallet (40 feed bags).

Melting Guidelines

Melt at 2200 deg F (1204 deg C) in 50 pound charges. Wait until surface has leveled off, then charge again. Soak at 2100 deg to 2200 deg F (1144 deg to 1204 deg C) for 2 or more hours. Ramp down as slow as your scheduling permits to your desired working temperature. Common working temperatures are 2075 deg to 2125 deg F (1135 deg to 1163 deg C).

"Squeezing" the glass 50 to 100 degrees below working temp will help facilitate a seed-free melt.

Note: Different furnace types and sizes will use different procedures. Many blowers charge and soak at lower temperatures; turnover time will then be longer.

Technical Specifications

 Strain Point

 Anneal Point

 Softening Point


 890 deg F 
(477 deg C)

 960 deg F 
(515 deg C)

 1260 deg F 
(682 deg C)

 95.8 - 96.8

Advantages of Nugget over Batch

  • With Studio Nuggets, what you melt is what you get--nearly 100%.
  • Studio Nuggets require one-third less energy to melt than batch.
  • Studio Nuggets melt 25% faster than batch
  • Zero dust and insignificant effluent so Studio Nuggets can double the life of your furnace or pot
  • Concerns of Trivial Pollution--Zero Toxicity move from substantial to negligible when you switch from batch to Studio Nuggets.
  • Greater Stability with no compatibility changes during melting.
  • Easier Storage with no concern about damage or loss from exposure to moisture, light or other elements.

System 96 Studio Nugget by Oceanside Glass & Tile are useful for glass blowing with a glory hole as well as off-hand glass blowing.

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