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Dense Slyme #3 Tube 33 COE (sold per pound, 1/4 pound minimum)

Dense Slyme #3 Tube 33 COE (sold per pound, 1/4 pound minimum)
Item#: TG 33 TD17S
Sale Unit: Pound
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Additional Information

Dense Slyme 3

Dense Slyme 3 is the choice when you want your Slyme to look less transparent. If, for example, you are blowing out your Slyme so thin that you lose the rich color, then Dense will look more like Slyme in that application. Or if you want to vac-stack it and have it look like Slyme after being pulled down. Or if you just want a milkier, less transparent look, then Dense Slyme 3 is the one you want. Dense Slyme 3 can range from translucent to a milky semi-opaque, depending on how you work it, but is seldom fully-transparent. Work cooler to keep Slyme more opaque, with a soft reducing flame. This also prevents reboil and scumming. Always work Slyme, Dense Slyme 3 and Satin Slyme in a REDUCING FLAME, especially in the beginning when its cold. If you are getting significant scumming, turn down the oxy.

Trautman Art Glass

Trautman Art Glass (TAG) makes high quality colored borosilicate and soft glass, by hand in small batches.

Trautman Art Glass is the latest venture of Paul Trautman. Paul conceived, designed and built the world’s first commercial operation to manufacture colored borosilicate rod glass in the mid-1980s. Paul Trautman's Northstar Glassworks set the standard for modern borosilicate color production, and Paul pioneering recipes for hard-to-achieve colors.

Now Paul is back perfecting his recipes for new colors and old favorites under the TAG label. An innovator and experimenter Paul is also creating soft (104 COE) colored glass completely compatible with the Moretti/Effetre Italian 104 glass lines.

TAG colored borosilicate glass includes the popular Red Elvis and other colors.  Boroscilate color is 33 COE; Anneal at 1050° Fahrenheit. Sold by the pound with a 1/4 pound minimum. 

Trautman Art Glass (TAG) Tubes

TAG Tubes measure between 8" to 16" in length, and range in diameter from 22 to 38mm.

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